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All-Women's Poker Study Group

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Weekly Virtual Meetups

Pocket Queens League

Special Events

Victoria Livschitz


Rachel Giacopuzzi


Nan Min

Vice President

Teri Lewis


Dayanna Ciabaton


Charlet Molique

Naomi Pazol

All About
Pocket Queens

Pocket Queens began from a conversation among friends deeply passionate about poker. It all started with my fortunate win in a Twitter giveaway by Katie Stone, granting me one-on-one coaching at the WSOP Ladies Event with Victoria Livschitz.  In just 1 hour, Victoria's coaching completely transformed my game. When I returned home I told these friends about my experience.  We talked about hand histories, strategies, table image, playing under pressure, etc.  Because of Victoria's influence we saw just how important study was to our game and we wanted to form an all-women's study group.  I reached out to Victoria and asked her advice on where to begin. To my surprise, she graciously offered to be our coach! Of course we jumped at the opportunity and had our first lesson the next week.


It wasn’t long before Pocket Queens was “officially” born. I am proud of the community we are creating and welcome women at every playing level to join. There will never be any membership fees, we do not advertise, and there is no "owner". We are simply a group dedicated to furthering women in poker and providing a space for us to learn, share and celebrate each other.


-Rachel Giacopuzzi

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