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Queen of the Month

Introducing our new feature called "Queen of the Month".  We are going to highlight one member each month, with the purpose of getting to know our Pocket Queens members better.
Pocket Queens is all about building connections, so we hope you enjoy this segment.

Daris Justice

Las Vegas, NV

Daris Justice, our featured Pocket Queen of the Month! We couldn't resist choosing her as she blazed through this year's WSOP, and because she's an incredible woman we all should get to know better.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Daris's card-playing journey started early when her grandma taught her how to play cards, starting with blackjack for pennies. Little did she know that those childhood games would lead to a passion for poker and playing for real money.

Her poker story began in 2005 when she sold her house and moved in with a roommate who played online poker. She explored local poker rooms, playing dailies. With no formal training, Daris found a natural talent for the game.

In 2018, Daris's mother, residing in Oregon, desired a warmer climate. This decision led them to relocate together to Las Vegas. This change served as a catalyst for Daris to enroll in Jonathan Little’s Master Class, boosting her poker knowledge. She further honed her skills by investing in Jaka Coaching and joining Pocket Queens, which she credits for her recent accomplishments.

Speaking of success, Daris had an outstanding performance this year, cashing in 4 out of 8 WSOP tournaments, raking in over $28,000! Such triumphs have given her the confidence to make a bold decision - leaving her career in mortgage underwriting to become a poker pro.

The next time you're in Vegas, don't hesitate to seek out Daris. You can also catch her on our Pocket Queens discord, where she's always up for discussing strategy or simply hanging out. Just a word of caution— She's not only a blast to be around, but she's also a fierce competitor on the felt. Don't underestimate her skills!

AUG 2023
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